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09 June 2009


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Bully for you Chrisie! Thank you for trying to spread some wisdom.

The "progressive, liberal" folks on SFGate who have a snit over these things are succumbing to knee-jerk reaction and the worst sort of Groupthink. They probably consider themselves to be considered and open minded and independent thinkers. But people like to have black and whites in their lives, not be challenged to think and research things for themselves.

Hopefully it makes at least a few people take pause to look at the issue from a different perspective than what they have been fed.

And I suspect that for every person who writes in agreement or dissagreement, there may well be many more who read itdo not comment, and may consider the arguments for and against with some new knowledge.

We can but hope and keep on keeping on.


There were some great, sensible comments from the SFGate readers as well. People *are* getting it, slowly, but they are....

Thanks for doing what you do.


I applaud your bravery, Christie. This is a very very important issue and I agree with you absolutely. Your column is excellent

But, speaking as the most kneejerking of kneejerk liberals, I long ago became disenchanted with the notion that Democrats represent us. And Obama (though of course MILES beyond our past president, or his opponent in the election) is NO progressive. His betrayals of his progressive supporters just continue to mount. Whatever tide of "change" he rode (NOT a tide of "community empowerment... that's what his supporters THOUGHT they were creating) is changing into tiny ripples, not always in the right direction. Again still better than the back-flow created by the criminals who formerly held power. But with respect, you need to get over the campaign. That was then, this is now. What politician EVER held to the promises in his campaign rhetoric?

There is a real question about whether the Democrats will ever get it (though stupid assumptions about laws isn't confined to the D's on this subject; there are plenty of red red jurisdictions that have stupid pet laws, including BSL)

How to break the "any law is better than no law" automatic pilot of the Democrats and especially the whole "you don't deserve a pet if you're poor" b.s. of the so called progressive Kossacks and the whole "whatever PETA (and their celebrity campfollowers) want" blindness... that's the issue.

ASPCA coming out with facts is a good thing, and I hope they have some impact. But they're up against the stronger, more politically savvy PETA and (the still silent) HSUS. And then there are the apparently powerful and "morally correct" rescuers, from whom I am hearing not a peep in opposition especially the pit bull groups. Because the other divide is the "in order to save our "breed" we have to stop the flood of overbreeding at all costs" crowd.

Gina Spadafori

Emily ... strangely, it was ANOTHER bill put forward by AB 1634's author, former (yesh!) California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, that got me questioning what you so perfectly call the "any law is better than no law" attitude of "modern" Dems.

He was real big on the "mandatories" and pushed for forcing everyone to buy compact flourescent lamps. Now, there IS a lot to like about these (long life, energy savings), but there are also some problems to be worked out, like, uh, mercury.

But rather than work towards anything that addressed the problems, he just went right on with the bill (it failed).

I was sure glad to see his butt tossed from office. Alas, I'm sure he'll be back. Career politician, is Mr. Levine. It's all about the winning, the money and the power, not about what's right or what works. Weasel.

Susan Fox

It's kind of funny, in a way. Broadly, probably overstating it, the farther left wants to regulate public life and the farther right wants to regulate private life. And of course most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

H. Houlahan

Don't forget, Lightbulb Lloyd also wanted to install mandatory GPS on zoo elephants. He had a mandatory something for everything.

His tactic was to boost name recognition through absurd legislative behavior, on the theory that name recognition = winning elections.

How'd dat werk forya?

I blame the Democratic Assembly leadership for not imposing legislative discipline on the frootloop; and if he was resistant to the leadership, his ridiculous bills should have been left hanging in the wind.


Gina, the lightbulb analogy is a GREAT one.

For the longest time they were promoted as THE solution, with bulb giveaways, subsidies, etc etc. Only now do we hear about the mercury problem, though I'm sure there were people warning about that years ago as well. CFLs SEEMED like the way to go, just... because. Just like MSN!


I think we should move away from those generic *liberal*, *conservative*, *democrat*, and *republican* labels.

Today it seems that members of both parties frequently display significant cognitive disconnects when it comes to key issues. For far too long many of us have used those convenient labels to avoid doing the hard, but necessary, work of examining where they really stand on important issues.

Dump the labels, do your homework. Support the people who truly represent you and let the rest hear your dissenting voice. That *is* the American way.

Gina Spadafori

Isn't it interesting that people accused you of "lying" when you were citing studies in peer-reviewed journals? All while they kept citing long-discredited bunk about the "success" of Santa Cruz, etc.,

"Look, my mind's made up: Don't bother me with facts!"

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