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19 June 2009


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Christie, whereabouts in Ontario are they located? I'm in southern Ontario and have quite a few vet connections... perhaps I could recommend somewhere they haven't thought of. If there is a holistic vet available it's possible that there is a more natural pain reliever that would help (won't recommend anything specific here... these things should be done under veterinary supervision!). It likely won't make her pain free, but it may take the edge off and ease up on the side effects.

Fingers and tails crossed for little Suzie.

Christie Keith

Hi, Kim! They're in Kingston... any suggestions?


Geez, they sure are out of the way. Kind of out of my area of influence. I'll plant a few seeds though and see what comes up.

My best advice would be to check out the Ottawa area - I know there are a high number of holistic vets in the area (especially for Ontario) and the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital is open 24 hours a day... I don't know of any holistic vets in OVH, but they are a full-service practice and you sure can't beat the sheer number of practitioners they have on hand.

Incidentally, this website http://alabamavetboardwatch.110mb.com/Docs/Addison%20Disease-underdiagnosed.pdf was posted on Dr. K's comments section during a discussion regarding NSAIDs and their improper dispensing in a case that could actually have been Addison's.

Did a quick google regarding NSAIDs and Addison's, and while I can't find anything directly correlating, for such an uncommon disorder there seems to be a high number of situations where the canine patient was either suffering from Addison's and misdiagnosed with a bum leg, or a bum leg and an NSAID reaction led to the recommendation of Addison's testing (although most of the latter turn out to be organ failure, best I can tell).

All of this is not very helpful, I realize... but sometimes it's those thread-thick connections that trigger a subsequent answer. Sorry to hear that Suzie has still not improved. I hope you get some additional answers from the attending vet.


Thanks Kim...I just read the information you've found on above link in your post and the correlations you've found online.
Christie is amazing and her blog is so informative.
I am Suzie's mom so thank you for googling and sharing this.



Thank YOU for sticking by Suzie.

And yes, Christie is quite amazing. :O) A one woman army...

I just wish I could do more!

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