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06 June 2009


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Leslie K

Thank you Christie ! A good reminder not to wait on showing affection to all our family members 2 or 4 legged ! Sometimes when I'm getting home at midnight on friday's,the last thing I want to do is play with my Remrat or sit on the floor with the others. Too many other things to catch up on. But if something happened to 1 of them tomorrow & I had not paid attention I would be devastated.


Darn good advice, for everyone.

thanks Christie

Phyllis DeGioia



I thought I was the only one! Whenever I leave the house, I tell each kitty that they are the best kitty in the world and that I love them. (OK, I also tell them if I'm going to be home late, but I'm not sure they get that part).

With all the crap that's happenned with pets over the last few years (9/11, Katrina, murder by pet food manufacturers), I don't take anything for granted.


carpe Cane?

Christie Keith

Oh seriously, ajlabs, please come write all my headlines from now on... genius!


This is so true! Thanks for the reminder.

Colorado Transplant

Now that I joined Twitter and cannot figure how to reply on the Nutro site, I will have more time to be affectionate to my cats.

One loves to get on my stomach and chest and I rub her neck, the other likes my lap.

Sorry, when I go away I usually do not tell them, I sneak out--making sure my little cat is not in a closet, drawer, or cabinet where she loves to sleep, unfortunately.

Colorado Transplant

2CatMom--I did it, I twittered about Nutro (host was from New England).

Now I have time to kiss my black beauty babies even though I am not going anywhere, for now.


The only real downside to pets is that they just don't live long enough, even when they live long, healthy lives. So I'm a big believer in abject snorgling whenever the opportunity presents itself. ;) (Also, photos.)


I love it.

Never miss a chance to kiss the dog or the kitty.

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