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13 June 2009


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He doesn't need you guys any more. Did you think, when he told CNN he was opposed to gay marriage, that he "had to say that", and you assumed he was lying? Of course he was. He lied to social conservatives last year and he lied to you too. He'll reward ACORN and the unions because they have real clout. Right now he's trying to appear moderate, so LGBTs, who aren't as powerful as unions or ACORN, get tossed under the bus along with the antiwar folks, the fiscal responsibility folks, the transparency advocates, and all the Hope and Change faithful. You fucked up; you trusted him.

My belief is that he has no problem with gay marriage in any state and if left to his own devices he would probably keep his promise and repeal DOMA -- but he's a politician and therefore lies. That brief was horrid -- the irrationality is clear enough that the White House should have been able to anticipate the storm of anger that's coming. The unnerving thing is that the brief had to pass through many hands, probably, before being released. So it wasn't just one loon -- it was a bunch of them. Who benefits?

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