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03 June 2009


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Emily~ DreamEyce

I just found your blog, and want to say how much I love your knowledgeable, pro-rescue, and pro show/breeder stance, and professional, informative way with words. There's sadly, not enough people who have your writing strength, and ability to articulate in an informative, non-aggressive manner.

Keep it up, and thanks for all your hard work in dogs! As a "kid" myself, I'm glad to have experienced dog people helping protect our right to own, show, and even breed our animals. Thank you for everything you do for dogs!

Rebecca - thephillydog

Ditto what Emily said. In fact, your prior post gave me a lot of food for thought. Keep it up - your personal history and love of dogs just infuses your writing with passion. Nothing wrong with knowledgeable, professional writing having a little passion behind it!

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