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23 June 2009


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Well to be honest my cat believes anything I have to pay a lot of money for is a gimmick and a piece of cardboard or newspaper to lay on is truly useful technology.

I learned quick. LOL

Gina Spadafori

Ain't that the truth!

Ring off milk jug: Yay.

$10 cat toy: Yawn.

Christie Keith

Hey guys, only 97 more comments to go!

Gina Spadafori

STFU, Christie.


Linda Kaim

One of my cats could not be bothered with anything that even remotely looks like it might be fun.

She is broody and dark in more ways than one. She only comes out at night. We call her our "Goth" cat.

Her two year old male counterpart can play with dust motes in a closet and entertain himself for hours, a feat he has actually accomplished. Hiding in teh little recess in the back of the trash receptacle nested in the island on my kitchen. He favors dog tails, of which there are always an abundance here.

I have stopped buying cutesy toys for any of the animals, my now 11 year old son hoards them for himself.

When he starts to steal the dogs' bones, then I will begin to wonder.

Original Lori

I actually love the idea of the GPS for escape artists. I get what he's saying about the necessary battery making it big, but my ipod shuffle holds a charge for days and it's smaller than that. I wouldn't put something that big on my dog's collar on a permanent basis. I'll wait till the technology gets smaller.

Jorge Guzman

Great perspective on the HDTVs. So true. I never liked the petcams though, it gives you this feeling that you have to be on it the whole time. I can see people at work spending their whole day between their work and their email and never getting anything done.


I wish, wish, wish Rittie, my missing dog, had a GPS on her- but her regular collar won't even stay on her (those pointy collie heads).

Original Lori

Maybe someday microchipping will have the GPS function built in?

Susan Fox

Which will confirm the fears of some of the idiots around here that microchips on dogs and cats allow the gov'mint to track the owners. A little paranoia left over from the 60s, I guess.

Original Lori

Heh, I should have thought of that. Well, if they put their tin-foil hats on they'll be safe.

Colorado Transplant

I like the idea of a tiny GPS on my small cat--I will have to wait for that.

Right now I am desparately looking for a good fence. Has anyone ever had a mega mesh fence put into their yard. Leashing the cat seems to anger the cat and taking the leash off gets bites into the skin of my hands.

The other cat has a microchip and is pretty savvy about the outside life. She hides when dogs are around. However, the first cat scratches dogs noses, climbs trees and then has trouble coming down, dashes into the street, etc. A microchip would not help her avoid any of these potential disasters.

If I can find a way to fence her in, I will, rather than wait for the tiny GPS.


If the government can track my pets via microchips, I DON'T CARE as long as they'll let me have or buy that information. If it would bring home a lost dog? I'm all for it.

(PS: I'm still anti NAIS. Having to fill out papers every time a chicken crosses the street while freeranging is still ridiculous.)


My youngest cat steals the dog's chews to play with them. It's a good thing the dog is so good-natured and polite!

The best use of a webcam I've encountered was the one my veterinary oncologist had set up back some years ago, for the cats being kept in quarantine after radioactive iodine treatments. If not for that webcam, I'd have likely called every hour to ask about my old guy, and driven everyone there around the bend.

Now, what I wish someone would invent, is a claw clipper designed for arthritic hands. I've garden pruners with fat handles that take almost no force -- why not claw clippers?


One thing wrong in this article...

my dogs LOVE to watch TV ;-)


two terriers, they love technology. Dog movies, movies with animals. One attacked the Yetti in that Mummy movie the other night.

The other one is a future movie director. She knows when I am setting up to transfer dog-video from the camera to the PC, and insists on being at the keyboard for the whole process of creating another home video. (It is her plan to create the movie that puts her brother in a straight jacket.)


Eucritta, I find the Doggyman nail clippers work well with very little force required:


Original Lori

Eucritta--depending on the dog's reactions to noise and etc. you could switch to using a dremel tool. Mine's actually the Sears Craftsman version and as long as Kasey gets treated after every nail he's just fine with it. We did start slow though, at first just getting used to the noise.

Jason Merrihew

Colorado Transplant,

Have you checked out http://www.purrfectfence.com/? I haven't used it, but I had seen it displayed at a few veterinary conferences. I thought it looked pretty cool.


Heh. What I need is a clipper for the cats, not the dog -- the dog has such robust black claws, I couldn't do them for love nor money. We take him to a groomer's to have them done every three weeks, but I'd rather trim the cats at home.

I've tried the Doggyman small, OTHER Pat, but while it was better than the old original Miller's Forge I'd used before ... on really bad days what I need is something with an assisted action, like a ratchet pruner.

Colorado Transplant

Thank you, Jason Merrihew.

This website (www.purrfectfence.com) has the best fences for my cats. I will contact them and see if it will work for me!

Gina Spadafori

CT ... when you get it installed, please let us know how you like it. I've been considering cat fencing for part of my yard. So Clara e Ilario can enjoy outdoor time without me worrying myself to bits.

Colorado Transplant

I bought the fence from said company (above).

It was always my dream to have such a fence because of all the disasters I have experienced with cats in the past. May I have this dream become a reality. I will let everybody know if reality lives up to my dream fence!

Colorado Transplant

This is for sure--I will blast it on your website, Gina, if it works.

The fellow I talked to said it was developed first to keep deer out and then for a sanctuary to keep cats in. The last 5 yrs they have made significant improvements.

Another improvement--some towns do not want fencing to be over 6 ft. tall. They had only 7 ft. tall fences before but now I could order the 6 foot fence because my town only allows for that height.

I cannot believe it until I see it, but he says no cat has escaped from this fence!

Unbelieveable details were given to me over the phone--like the top tilts a little back if the cat makes it to the top, the bottom is especially set up so no one can crawl underneath, the whole fence is transparent up close but not so much far away, only 10-14 hours to install this stand-alone whole yard fence, etc. The directions are inside and they will answer any questions. They also send a video for installation instructions. The man said a handyman can install it as long as he can read English (paraphrasing his remarks).

I am so excited that I can hardly contain my anticipation. The down side is waiting the 1-2 weeks it will take to arrive in Colorado from the shipment place and getting our carpenter, who is always busy, down to our house to install said fence. Man, as I said, I can hardly believe it because I have worried for over 50 years about any cat I have owned.

I cannot do it. I tried. I kept them in the house, then the enclosure I have, but now they are begging me for the yard. I cannot keep refusing them and now--maybe--I won't have to.

I haven't been this excited in a long time. Will my dream come true? You'all stay tuned, now, and I will submit my commentary in a few weeks.

Jim Kahr

That first aid iphone app is definite but there's one called puptox that has a list of poisonous things to dogs and cats. Makes a good supplement.

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