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25 May 2009


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I had to admit to myself long ago that I always HOPED. Even when the odds were staggeringly against whatever it was I was hoping for, I still hoped. Even when I knew that I should prepare myself for the undesirable outcome because it might make it easier to accept, I hoped. For years I told myself I would mature past this HOPING phase and become more reasonable and sound in my thinking. It never happened. It still sux eggs when things go against me but I can't stop myself from hoping just the same. I guess I'm sort of resigned to hope.

Christie Keith

I was about to say, "You sound like Harvey Milk" and then I remembered what happened to him!

God, I should not be allowed on the Interwebz or out of the house today. I'm a wreck.


I've been thinking that there's no way that CA wouldn't overturn Prop 8. The fact that it made the ballot in the first place still boggles my mind.

But in light of Maine, Iowa (IOWA, WTF???) and others, I just can't see CA voting to uphold that vote. I got to thinking that the current economic straits the state is in might actually help. Weddings cost money. People spending money helps boost the economy. You think that'll factor into their thinking?

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