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28 May 2009


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Leslie K

Great pix Christie ! With you in spirit on the march even though I'm across the country.


Awesome!! Thanks for sharing - sending my positive energy your way for a positive outcome!


Great pictures! We're easterners, but were definitely there with you in spirit. (In body, I was busy sitting in my living room cursing the TV while the boys looked on in amusement and annoyance.. but I digress.)

Methinks going to a march would be right up Thomas' alley. (Alas, Thomas happens to be a cat, and I'm betting more than a few of the dogs in attendance would probably want to eat him! Sorry, Thomas, such is life.)

Lots of good looking dogs out there fighting the good fight, though. :)


I really don't understand why you can't have the same rights I have.

Gina Spadafori

I am quite certain everyone recognized Dog No. 17 as a Large Munsterlander, right? I'm pretty sure, anyway, having utterly fallen in love with them in England.

Here's are pics I took at Crufts in 2004:



Retrieverman wrote about them, here.

Gina Spadafori

What a show-off I am, huh?

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