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31 May 2009


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Brava, Christie!


Beautifully said, Christie!


Thank you my friend for saying it so well. I'm still so heartbroken. He was a shining star for showing that Kansas could be progressive and now this is just another black eye for us.




You'll generally find that that particular person you've described is also pro-death penalty, which has never made any sense to me. A woman can't chose, but a jury of 12 can decide who should live or die?


Do you really think a late term baby is a "blob of protoplasm"?


Reeta, I have no idea when a blob of protoplasm becomes a baby. Neither do you. This is a medical decision that needs to be made by a woman and her physician, not two people arguing on a blog.

But let me ask you this: Do you think there is some epidemic of women in late pregnancy who decide oh what the hell, I think I'll go get an abortion? Those surgeries are virtually always done for medical reasons, many of them lifesaving. If you think otherwise, you're believing a lie.


I wasn't arguing, just asking you a question.


You asked a very loaded question. Loaded questions are a debate tool. Debates are arguments. So yes, you were arguing.

I don't mind. I enjoy a civil debate. I am not one who thinks that people who disagree with me are evil or even necessarily wrong. I'm simply saying, asking loaded questions is arguing.



Will you be getting that late-term abortion before or after you stop beating your wife?
Sorry I missed this entry when it was first posted. When they catch this murderer, it has to be life without parole, to minimize his martyrdom.

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