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11 May 2009


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Sue Cosby

What on earth is with the way too big shoes on the Curve Press person? Dressing up in mom's shoes? Wearing sweat socks when she tried them on?


Love the toes!! :O)


You look terrific, btw! And you had the smarts to wear nice shoes that fit!


Ummm, I don't suppose in your offical capacity, you happened to tell Mr. Gant that really enjoyed his work. Or you know, just given him my telephone number so I could tell him? ;)

Oh, you did? Well, great, I'll wait anxiously by my cell phone. ;)



You look fabulous!


Christie, you look HOT! And those sandals are fabulous!


I wore some good looking, but ultimately pinchy high heels to the HRC dinner a few weeks ago. Yeah, I've got to get the toe boxes stretched on that pair!


Woohoo, look at you, you gorgeous special reporter you!


I had a fashionable orthopedic boot on this weekend. I sprained my big toe. *pouts*

The journalist with the too-big shoes...poor thing, they're friggin cute, and I'll bet her feet hurt like hell by the end of the night!

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