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27 May 2009


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You're so right. No one's rights should be subjected to a popularity contest.


I'm good with voting on where my money's going, how to improve the schools that my daughter attends, even who's gonna represent me.

I don't ever want to see another ballot that asks me to vote on someone else's rights. As long as they're not mutilating animals or eating babies, I don't want to know. I do, however, want to vote on whether or not we have the right to vote on anything regarding someone else's civil rights. Cause that'll be a big, fat, HELL TO THE NO!!! Seriously, men in this country can marry 14 yr olds, (provided they belong to one of those weird cult thingies) and they have a problem with same sex marriage??


Hi- I am so pissed- and have been since November- that I'm walking the street, going to work, sitting in a restaurant, forced to breathe the same air as these people who can deny me rights. Yeah- I'll go door to door in Modesto- IF I have a licence to at least break some fingers.
Victoria (your biggest fan)


Not sure if you saw this or not but thought you might be interested.


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