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28 May 2009


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Susan Fox

Yeah, it was the irresponsible owners who needed to be kicked out of the city, not people's pet dogs.


I hope for the best, but fear the worst: courts are ASTONISHINGLY lenient about allowing stupid, irrational, useless, cruel local laws to stand. Didn't we see an even more stunning example in California just yesterday?


1100 dogs dead for how the looked, and for deeds they had not committed. I read this to my WW2 survivier mother and she said "It's just like when the Nazi's started isn't it"

That ought to scare the out of all of us.

Mary E

This is good news. Alas, it will not bring back the thousands of murdered dogs or un-break their people's hearts. Denver should be dying of shame over their conduct in this, but they're not.


Great news!


Pit Bulls aren't banned in our community but there has been problems. ALL without exception

the result of dysfunctional owners.

Our neighbor across the street, her brother Mike has a white pit bull like in that picture. He hardly ever needs to be leashed when he's visiting and will come across the street tail wagging wanting to be petted. A neighbor can be walking their dog by and he doesn't even give it a second glance or his tail starts wagging and he wants to play.

Now, how to solve the dysfunctional owner problem. That's the root of it.


Not an uplifting blog post but necessary for those that care about the plight of the pit bulls - please see this most recent blog post by Nathan Winograd and the killing of puppy 43063 - important information on a lawsuit -

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