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14 April 2009


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AMEN, and AMEN and AMEN again.

I personally wish that I'd known about this breed of dog when I was younger. You know how bad my allergies are with dogs, and so I personally feel Malia's pain. And dammit, Bo is the cutest dog I've ever seen, Rebel and Kyrie notwithstanding. That pick of him and Obama running down the corridor is one for the books.

Now, I know that some people are up in arms about the fact that Bo is a purebreed, and not a shelter dog. Given my own allergies, I'd have probably gone that route as well. Plus, and here's the part people seem to be purposefully missing, the Obama family made a sizeable donation to The Human Society, or one of those types of orgs, specifically because they *didn't* get a shelter dog. Come on, people!!! He's not going to please all of you, and he shouldn't have to, president or not.

K, SUN. Good article!!


Uhh...there's a genocide going on in Darfur and in DRC.

We may want to put things into perspective and give those issues priority before we have such deep articles about a dog.


I'll be sure to give up my 18 year career as a pet writer until we have world peace -- which we've never had once in the 50 years I've been alive.

Give me a break, dude. The joys and small things of life are what keep us going. It's why we have empathic bonds and the ability to care about other people at all.


Fantastic article! I agree totally. And fantastic comeback to Uzayr cranky-pants up there.

Dame Bisquette

Oh, dear, I feel absolutely forlorn that it took me this long to weigh in (and I DO weight in) on this puffy subject.

It make absolutely NO difference, the origin of the fair pooch. A good home for EVERY dog is my motto...well, one of my mottoes.

I felt just so passionate about this that I took time during my spa day to offer Sasha and Malia some advice about their new pup. Although since then it appears the little bugger is giving them fits.

c'est la vie!

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