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02 April 2009


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Good news, Christie, thanks!

But yeah, JJ is right. Like Meloche in Louisville, if Bo-Tox loses this job, he'll get another one somewhere else where he's not well known. Hopefully though, enough media coverage will 86 that route.

All the same, good riddance to bad rubbish. Now, about Slow Tommy in Toledo...


Ed needs to go. Unfortunately he'll pop back up again like a interdigital cyst to wreak havoc elsewhere.

Speaking of recurring cankers, looky what just reincarnated it's self in Alabama!

Not even trying to look like an original thought, does Judy have a cousin there or are the PETAphiles just being lazy?


Often communities don't know they CAN do better.

H. Houlahan

While LA gets the attention (as it should), the same story of incompetence, complacency, and just-don't-give-a-shit plays out on on smaller stages all over the continent.

One big city with an 80% kill rate and an overpaid bureaucracy is horrible.

A thousand little towns and rural counties with the same kill rate, lower pay, but the same just-don't-give-a-shitism is a national abomination.

And so often, the local citizens have no idea that the animals in their communities deserve better.

Gina Spadafori

Its like bad doctors, they just move and take a job someplace else.

Comment by 2CatMom — April 2, 2009

And bad school district superintendents, too!

Susan Fox

Memo to LAAS: If you'd actually like to get it right this time, hire Nathan, and then get the h--- out of the way.


After defeating AB1634 in California, Judy and Co got busy and introduced SB250. They even kept the same website, just changed the banner at the top.

MSN by 6 months, no exceptions except for health. To have an intact dog you must buy an intact license, which can be revoked for an entire laundry list of reasons, some of which are really minor.


And another gem is Howard Nelson - from the PSPCA (Penn). You can read all about him on Tortiball blog. He came from Washington DC SPCA. Its like bad doctors, they just move and take a job someplace else.

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