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04 April 2009


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Sue Cosby

Although I had been planning to go I chose to stay home and save money for my dog's surgery this year. It would have been interesting to see if the rest of the conference maintained the same message as the one day seminar. Historically it has been a mixed bag.

You'll note that although you did say it was a seminar on "no kill sheltering" the words "no kill" are not being used. The speakers might use them but there will be nothing from HSUS using those words. The HSUS Expo is where the famous recording on the No Kill Advocacy's website came from: "We are not killing them ... and that's why I hate that term no kill.(Applause)"

Last year featured an hour+ long rant against no kill by peta and a speaker who - when asked a direct question about how many animals her shelter euthanized annually said something like "We don't talk about that. We don't make that information public. People don't understand why we euthanize so we can't share that kind of information."


Maddie's Fund doesn't use the "no kill" description for shelters, only communities. They are, or were, using "adoption guarantee" for individual agencies. But they definitely do, and will at this seminar, talk about No-Kill as a goal for communities -- and the entire country, which is its stated mission, to create a "No Kill Nation."

The history of distinguishing between individual organizations and entire communties is long, and it's unrelated to the greater issue you're discussing. But this is a Maddie's Fund event, AT the HSUS Expo. Which I think says a lot about where the world is going, regardless of what HSUS or anyone else intends or says at the rest of the Expo.

Sue Cosby

Yes I agree the world is heading in that direction and I welcome it. I am still frustrated that it takes dragging people kicking and screaming and that's probably because I've been one of the ones doing the dragging amongst my kicking colleagues. Gets tiring.

I have high hopes. I believe the end result of is inevitable. Want faster!

pitbull friend

Wow! Can't wait to hear about it. HSUS continues to madden me with Pacelle's blog saying all the right things about no-kill and his employees doing many of the wrong things. Eventually, though, these baby steps are going to add up.

Gina Spadafori

The world's worst airport? GF, it's not even close to the worst airport in the Western U.S. You're just not flying enough.

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