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31 March 2009


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(((Christie))) I feel ya.



Let me know if you manage it - I keep succumbing to the old faults... and it really does negatively impact on my ability to work properly during any of those hours and enjoy the time off guilt-free.


Well, if it helps, I recently read that getting about 7 hours of sleep was actually healthier and while I haven't done it yet, a restricted calorie diet of mainly fruits, veggies, and nuts also extends life. I'm considering it...right after I run out of the freezer full of meat and tv dinners...

Gail B

Oh Christie...I think we have a psychic connections or something. I always find you writing (so eloquently) about something I was just pondering a few days/weeks ago. Thanks for a great article. I was watching a couple meander down Post St the other day and thought to myself "I can't even remember the last time I STROLLED anywhere." Pretty sad, eh? Good luck achieving your goal - we should all strive to slow down!


I've done this with work and what I've learned is how to set boundaries and work smarter, not harder. When I enforce those boundaries, I find that other people plan better and enforce better boundaries for projects, too. I have hit more deadlines on time or early since starting this program of putting my self first, and I have noticed that other people adjust their schedules so that they can do the same. I block out lunch for myself as if it were a meeting I scheduled and before I ever do overtime, I ask if it can wait until morning. Usually it can.


Hugs, Christie - I hear ya.

I only work an official 30 hours a week - but I also run a rescue (both dogs and exotic parrots) and live to learn.

I think THAT is where your version of Superwomanhood comes in. It's not so much a longing to "do it all" it's a longing to "learn it all."

That's why it's 11pm and I got off work five hours ago... five hours I've spent on the computer while my dear hubby walked the dogs (who I can thankfully take to work WITH me) and I'm looking up information on granulomas in saliva glands and simultaneously studying tracking training techniques. Did I mention I've also emailed several suppliers, checked out a whole list of potential new products and still haven't eaten dinner (managed to drink three beers though - rough day at work).

I don't think it's Superwoman-itis that has us... I think its an insatiability... if it was a single passion, folks would call us obsessed (oh, hell - some already do, I'm sure) but when you have multiple passions, causes and things that are just plain IMPORTANT to you, it's not so much a matter of wondering how those "others" make time for themselves... but rather how they don't feel strongly enough about ANYthing that even ONE of those things that would be consuming most of our waking moments.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting taking time for yourself is somehow to be looked down upon - quite the opposite. I truly envy those who can turn off the switch. But one has to wonder whether "those folks" have switches at all. After all, if it's truly WORK that has you going and going, then you're a workaholic. Simple. But I don't think your situation is that simple, dear... you just have a lot of switches, and many of them are fairly hard-wired into the "on" position. It's hard to turn off your passions - and as much as I piss and moan about not having any free time, I'm not sure I could live any other way.

In the meantime, I'm going to turn the switch to half-off, and go watch The Daily Show. Sure, I'm a political nut... but it's funny - so I can log it under "fun time" right? Oh, and the dogs are here cuddling, so it's multitasking "dog time" as well. ;O)

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