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26 March 2009


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Original Lori

There's a little blurb in the new issue of BARK about a study by Dr. Kate Stenske of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Mecidine. It doesn't give much info about the study itself, but it says she "found that dog owners who sleep with their pets or allow face licking are no more likely than their more reserved peers to harbor strains of E. coli bacteria. In fact, the study suggests that people, especially infrequent hand-washers, may spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria to their dogs."

So Gina can break out that t-shirt with pride.


My husband did catch campylobacter while working at the Humane Society, but it's very rare to do something like that. And fortunately our doc recognized it after we said we worked with animals, so after a serious dose of antibiotics, he was fine.

Conrad Walton

I do love my cat, but I'm grossed out when I see other cat or dog owners letting them lick their faces. We just shouldn't get that intimate with an animal. I'm sorry.

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