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20 February 2009


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Yes, some good stuff going on in the comments on Pet Connection. I really think a march on Washington D.C. sounds do-able. I've started thinking of slogans for signs already

What do you think of:

"Euthanasia" Stops a Beating Heart
"It's a quadruped not a a choice"

pitbull friend

Very good slogans, Lori! This is just sickening. Isn't it fascinating that the HSUS sponsors the Genesis Awards, coming up soon, for news coverage of animal issues, and whole gobs of the nominations this year are for stories about the Vick dogs? I subscribe to Wayne Pacelle's blog, and it seems like there's Wayne, hanging out by himself saying cool stuff, and then there are huge numbers of people working for his organization who are completely oblivious to any of the advances in thinking about animals made in the last 50 years or so. (I met his Midwest Regional Director a couple of times. She's the former head of a high kill shelter and a breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs. Perfect, huh?)

Of course, here in Minnesota, the largest shelter system in town "rescued" 130 cats from a hoarder. Although the cats were actually in pretty good shape and people were lining up to help, they killed them that evening, as soon as the TV cameras left the building. All of them. I bet HSUS would have recommended that, too.


never forget

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