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13 February 2009


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Thanks for the reminder!

I'm almost finished with The Other End of the Leash. So many "light-bulb moments." Great stuff.

Gina Spadafori

Oh, that picture! I call it the "wow, she cleans up nice!" picture. It was taken for a magazine profile on me, and they sent out hair and make-up pros for the photo shoot. :)

I actually like this one better, more of what I really look like, day to day, taken by the L.A. Times photographer after the pet-food recall:

Although my hair is really short and cute now (thanks to Christie) and today at noon I get my new Tina Fey glasses. (NO, they are NOT Sarah Palin glasses. Even though at the glasses place when I picked the frames out the guy says, "We are sure selling a lot of those SarahPalins.")

Gina Spadafori

Oh, and hey ... come to the chat!!!




Christie --

Take a few moments to check out today's Wall Street Journal

Across the Land, People Are Fuming Over an Herb (No, Not That One): Cilantro Haters Boo 'Fetid Barb of Green'

Christie Keith


Christie Keith

I did try to crop the other photo to use, Gina, but it didn't balance well with Marty's image. I like the LA Times one better, too!

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