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31 January 2009


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Gina Spadafori

You name-dropper! :)

My solution is to blog about people I know don't every read what I write ... my family, mostly.

Actually, I write about everyone. Tough luck.


The name dropping wouldn't bother me one bit. Most people wouldn't really know what I'm into anyway and if they did, I doubt they'd be interested enough to go and check it out. Hey, I'd be honored if one day I ended up crawling into your mind. LOL

What I have been wondering about, though, is the fact that a lot of bloggers don't seem to mind baring their soul to the world, so to speak. I think it's fascinating to be allowed a glimpse into another person's life, but personally I feel a little squeamish about doing it myself. A couple of months ago, I decided to step into the 21st century and went on LJ and IJ. I was even brave enough to join Facebook, but so far, I can’t say I contributed a lot. I’m mostly a reader. I wonder if that makes me the internet equivalent of a voyeur…

I liked when you said, you told yourself stories in your head. I’ve been doing the same my whole life. I guess it takes a certain amount of courage to get them out there for people to read. Not to mention talent.

So, thanks for the stories!


I think people who say "you're not going to blog about this are you?" secretly want you to.

Have you seen the t-shirts (maybe on thinkgeek.com?) that say "I'm blogging this" in big bold letters? I'd be too tempted to wear it to a funeral or something.

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