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28 January 2009


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retrieverman good point but every situation is unique.

One cat we had didn't like cats but was fascinated with dogs. She wasn't the least bit intimidated by them.


I find that very ironic, considering most dogs would be better off with companions and about half of the cats I know would be better off on their own.


Five months ago, I had a two year old princess, this is my kingdom, female cat and a dog. Then one day outside my house I came upon an abandoned male cat pet. I say he was a pet because he was so friendly and already neutered. He was very hurt, had every parasite and he was near death in starvation. Yet, he was still one of the friendliest cats I have ever met, even in that awful condition. Anyway, to make a long story short I took him to the vet, got him all fixed up and made him a part of our family.

I followed the instructions for introducing cats to the letter. He stayed in a room with the door closed for a bit, then we built a screen for the door and opened the door a bit and then further opened it and on and on. After a few weeks with everyone sleeping next to the screen on opposite sides, I allowed a brief in person hello. Fast forward to now, five months later, and my two cats are best friends. They play and wrestle and eat and hang out together and it is more than I could ever have wished for. My dog also loves the new cat and vice versa.

I really think the slow introduction can make the difference between cats that just tolerate each other and cats that really like each other. Because when you rush and if things go bad, sometimes you can't recover from that. My female hissed and growled her brains out when I first opened the door with the screen in place. Imagine if I let the new cat out at that time and said work it out. It would have been a disaster and they may have never liked each other. I have perfect harmony and I love that.


Animals, especially felines who are ultra sensitive to "vibrations" are a reflection of their owners, guardians, parents whatever nomenclature you prefer.

If the animals are engaging in chaos or weird off beat behavior I learned to go and look at myself in the mirror. ("Oh my I do look like a freaking nervous wreck today don't I")

It's a hard truth to swallow.

Cats are also the ultimate enemy of the state because they won't submit to authority.

Forget "training cats" it's not going to happen. They let you think you have yourself convinced your training them. That's about it.


Gina Spadafori

Too true. And I've been amazed at how cleverly and throroughly my cats have trained ME.


Well what counts is we all carry each other through the good times and bad times. That's whats amazing out our pets. I never stop marveling about how amazing it is that our pets become so close and trusting and such devoted and unselfishly loyal friends.

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