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14 January 2009


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Pamela Picard

Cats get plenty of water when fed a species appropriate diet. A steady diet of grain based kibble, which is to say all kibble, leads to bladder and kidney dysfunction.

Gina Spadafori

Pamela, that is your opinion, and is wide open for debate. There is much to recommend a species-appropriate diet/home prepared diet -- and my cats are on one, for opinions of my own -- but it's not the magic health wand the raw-food zealots believe it to be. And it doesn't preclude a cat from needing to drink water.

So give it a rest.


We've never had a problem with our felines not drinking enough water. We change the water daily twice a day so it's fresh. They know what they need according to season what have you and everything works out pretty good. We use filtered water for ourselves and them.

We work hard to not be hypochondriac's constantly obsessing and worrying about our pet's health so the low stress around the house definitely has it's health benefits.

Now my brothers cat has decided to refuse to drink unless it's from the second bathroom upstairs with a constant trickle from the tub faucet. Feline the Boss syndrome.

Susan Fox

We've got one that lurks in the bathroom waiting to lick the water off the shower floor or out of the sink, one that insists on water in a human glass, plus they drink from the dog's Dogit waterer and are seen looking like little panthers crouched by the pond getting a drink. The official Bowl of Cat Drinking Water sits forlornly by their food bowls slowly evaporating until we refill it, to address our need to do our duty concerning Proper Cat Care, I guess.


"one that insists on water in a human glass"

Oh yeah that one too. Or a grey tabby that loved cantaloupe and honeydew melon.

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