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07 January 2009


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My Bonnie Belle died of Cushings. And despite being the ripe old age of 14, at 13 she was as vibrant as a much younger dog. The surgical treatment options are unpleasant and unsatisfactory and so is the chemical killing of the adrenals as it's incredibly expensive (requires bloodwork after every dose to tell how much you've killed) and you may kill too much giving your dog an equally troubling condition.

Like many Cushings dogs, Bonnie likely had the tumor in her pituitary gland in her brain instead of on her adrenals as she had seizures near the end. So it's not just an adrenal disorder, it's more often a pituitary disorder which works through the adrenals... and since killing the adrenals is easier than operating on the pituitary, that's the treatment route.


Hi my dog has cushing disease and I try many things: Cushex drops, Supraglan, Wellness dog food, herbal supplements. Here is my finding's and hope this will help someone else who thought it may be time to let go.

I spoke to woman who had the same thing for her dog and she said no RICE, WHEAT, BARLEY and COMMERICAL DOG FOOD. I was in big trouble what do I feed him? I started out with 1/4 pumkin, and Wellness fish and sweet potatoes. I added digestive enzyme, probiotic or acidapholis, vitamin c, e, oilve oil, milk thistle and few drops of apple cider vinegar. I would blend it all together. A week later add more pumpkin 1/2 and 1/2 Wellness fish and sweet potatoes, with the natural supplements. It has been 3 weeks, symptoms less urine, less eating, no more panting, no more nose bleed, and no more siezures. He still does not have alot of energy. He start constapation dued to the diet change added more olive oil and apple cider vinegar. She said all she had to do was change the diet, because commerical food is toxic. Older dogs cannot process it and then the disease like cushing occurs. Detoxification with natural foods, is the way. It is your only change to get away from drugs with side effects and get more miles on your dogs life. He still not there yet, but much better after 3 weeks. He had cushing for 2 years now. I thought I would have to put him to sleep. I even took him for a short walk and his tail started to wag again. I have not seen him do that for about a 1 year. He looked so sad, and sick. I'm so glad I tried this. Do not give up on the dog. You can feed your dog other natural foods as he gets better. To your dogs health and your peace of mind.


Gina Spadafori

I spoke to woman who had the same thing for her dog and she said ...

Comment by Maren — November 19, 2009

I certainly hope the woman in question was a veterinarian. Otherwise, WTF? Do you take advice for your own serious medical problems from nutjobs you meet in the grocery store?

Take your dog to a veterinarian.

Rand Lee

The trouble with the advice, "Take your dog to a veterinarian" is that some of us who love our pets don't have the money to take them to vets very often, particularly during times of catastrophic illness in which the many repeated charges for tests and drugs can go through the roof. (I can't afford medical insurance for myself, either.) My 9 1/2 year old Siberian husky, Blessing, is borderline Cushing's according to the tests, but my vet can't treat her until I finish paying off my bill -- some $600 worth. He deserves his money, but I am watching my dog suffer. So can the flippancy, Ms. Spadafori.


She is absolutely right! I am >$1000 into the Cushings tests without a firm diagnosis. I have a decent job but my insurance claims were denied and I will likely run out of money before I get to the expensive drugs which could cause serious side effects, including death. (The main drug for treatment of Cushings is a human-grade chemotherapy drug). Your glibness on alternative methods has no place in this forum where people who care about their pets are looking for solutions. PS - people who make a lot of money rarely do anything righteous for a living, including these vets who are taking advantage of the love that people now give their pets.

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