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15 January 2009


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Colorado Transplant

Nylon and polyster costumes hold in the heat. There is, indeed, a chance for overheating of the animal.

It is a very good point, indeed, Christie.


But, kooky though it may seem to someone in California, there are many, many occasions when dog clothing is not only appropriate but necessary, especially for smaller dogs and/or more thinly-coated dogs.

(We expect to get up into double digits Fahrenheit today. Barely. But not tomorrow.)

Gina Spadafori

I know Christie knows that ... I think her keen fashion sense is offended by some of the choices, that's all. :)

Susan Fox

Wouldn't it be interesting if we could somehow find out what the dogs think? Not about things like sweaters to keep short-haired dogs warm in places like Green Bay, but the jaw-droppers that say more about the owner than maybe we really want to know.

Who's for banning cat and dog Halloween costumes? ;0)


You can't take away Lizzie's penguin costume! It's the best way I have to torture the demon spitz! I just hold it up when she's doing something evil, like napping on the kitchen table, and she immediately wakes up and jumps down.

(OKay, so she then runs over to have it put on, but that's because she's some sort of doggie pervert.)


Ok, so I might try to resist the urge to get a fleece lining put on this:

Which I got since it gets dark so early now on our walks. The reflection is amazing. It's very lightweight, and, dare I say, fashion forward. ;O)

Gina Spadafori

very fashion forward ... and safe!


I've a lightweight coat with glowy reflective stuff on it, too, for night walks. Also a reflective collar and leash with lovely glow bones all over them, and a lemon-yellow reflective vest for the human on the other end of the leash. Seems only sensible.

And don't take my Bertie's hot dog costume away! *clutches to chest* Why on earth would anyone deny us such a harmless pleasure? It doesn't bother Bertie at all, and makes everyone laugh once a year.


My poor (really wimpy pit bull) girl is wearing her Fido Fleece around the clock right now. But never fear, I made sure to change her collar so that it didn't clash with her jacket.

Susan Fox

Oh, a hot dog costume....those ARE funny! I howled, so to speak, the first time I saw a picture of a dog in one of those. Is Bertie, dare I say it, a wiener dog?

Anne T

It was -11F when the dogs and I got up this morning. The Blue State cold snap is supposed to last thru the weekend, and you can bet my dogs will be wearing fleece slipons inside and out for the duration.

My littlest has a sparkly red velour 4 legged pajama with a white faux fur collar, made by a woman who used to work for Bob Mackey. It's her "Carol Burnett" outfit. She loves it! You just have to say " oh you look so cute" and she prances and dances around enthusiastically! She does have (gasp) a lavender checked gingham dress which a friend gave her. I have never let her out of the house though with it on. I do have my limits!


I used to think dogs in clothes were silly, but that's before i got a miniature Xoloitzcuintle.


I love dog clothing. I'm sewing my service dog a dress for the formal event that is coming up. We're going to look great.

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