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03 January 2009


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Gina Spadafori

McKenzie can't wait to hit the road again, as you can see from the picture. :)

Christie Keith

I forgot to mention the demo you did of McKenzie retrieving your dropped inhaler on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant! In the rain!

What a good, amazing dog she is.


Got to love a hard-driving retriever. If you exercise them and focus them, they can be good pets. If you don't, they'll destroy your house. I had a field line golden that was, for all intents and purposes, in temperament and body, a red flat-coat (even having a flat coat with no wave in it at all). She was a retrieving fool, very intelligent, but she had to be exercised and focused to be a good dog.

Gina Spadafori

You forgot to mention her "patty-cake" trick. She has many talents, too. :)

Not bad for a field-bred 'trievie with hunt test passes and lots of nose, brains and drive!

After yesterday, I think McKutie will be the designated "visit Christie in the big city" dog now that 12-year-old Heather isn't liking long rides very much.

Retriever Trainer

Your dog has lots of talent...Good dog makes our everyday life perfect...That's my dog also bring to me...I give him a treat every Sunday, we go out and we eat...Your dog reminds me of my dog...I left him to my parents a days ago because I need to work...I miss him...


So much fun! I need to move to a more dog-friendly place. I just saw on TV that Ben & Jerry's lets their employees bring their dogs into work. Hmm...maybe Vermont...

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