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23 December 2008


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Kudos to the folks in Kay County Oklahoma. I'm going to see if they have a web site and send them a special Christmas thank you (and make a donation to the Ok Alliance for Animals).

Kim Campbell Thornton

I have my issues with Oklahoma, but sometimes my home state does the right thing. I'm so glad this was one of them.

Ark Lady

I see pitbull stories come across my desk every day and they are not good. Thanks for sharing this story.


The dogs playing look *so* happy. I'm glad they finally got some love.


Brought tears to the eyes of this old battleaxe.

Jessi Nash

In the rescue to save the 106 dogs that were dying i got to save a life and many more. I love my red nose pit. he is my best friend and he is spoiled rotten. I love you dad thank you for letting me keep my bub my comanion my friend but most of all my family :)

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