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24 December 2008


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As ground breaking as a Black man being President is, I truly wonder how long it will be before we have a President who is an agnostic or atheist. I imagine that this day has already come, but due to political expediency or necessity we have had posers. But if that were the standard we just might have had a bisexual or homosexual President already.

There are so many things that still exist that would seem to disqualify one to be the President. One less this year. But it's not just the Presidency. A similar list exists for being a "good" person.

For most of the planet, "good" is linked to God. And God to religion. And religion to imperfect bureaucracies and those bodies to the struggle for power that is politics. And it is the words and deeds of those bureaucracies which get us back to what is "good" or not. But that's a far stretch for me.

There's just too much standing between the politics and the morals. And IMO, it's that stuff in the middle which fuels the hatred, fear, need for conformity.

Today used to be celebrated out of the mystery and magic that was the seasons and the harvest and the changing length of the day. Those things lost some of their power when we understood them. Religions ever since have drifted away from Science toward mythology that can never be understood, never proven right or wrong, but eternally manipulated for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many... even if the manipulation is done with good intentions.

For the life of my I don't know why 90% of the rest of the world thinks that I'm the crazy one for not believing in the magical wizard who knows if I've been bad or good.


I watched that episode about three weeks ago. It is amazing. Toby is one of those people so wrapped in his Jewish guilt and his liberal righteous indignation that he sometimes drives me quite crazy. But a chance encounter with a homeless man to whom he gave his coat turned into a morality play about how we treat those who sacrificed themselves for us. And that reminds me of an exhange from the movie A Few Good Men.

"Why do you like them so much?"

"Because they stand on a wall and say 'Nothing's gonna hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.'"

We treat our homeless and indigent like garbage. It's a disgrace. I lived in DC when Reagan decided to collect all the homeless sleeping on the subway grates and bus them out to Maryland, because someone was coming to visit. I remember that it was cold, very cold. And I remember thinking what a shitty thing that was for a president to do. Not very Christian, I think.

Funny, we were talking about religion this past weekend and I mentioned the love your God with all your heart thing. I love your post, and hope that next year, there's a bit of cheer to add.

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