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10 December 2008


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If you'd like to hear more from Dr. Coren, consider going to the 2009 IACP Conference this March in Hutto, TX. He spoke last year and will be coming back this year.

Somewhere on my hard drive I've got a great picture of him mugging it up with Zip and Audie. We'll be back again this year too. For more on the conference (you don't need to be a member to attend), go here:


Gina Spadafori

Related: A recent study by the New York Times shows that human physicians are extremely reluctant to prescribe generics -- even though generics that are not only cheaper, but as or more effective:

"Health care reformers have high hopes that the relentless rise in prescription drug costs can be slowed by replacing brand-name medicines with cheaper generic versions. Unfortunately, so many physicians are so captive of the drug industry that it would take a huge effort to persuade more patients and doctors to use generics."

An interesting bit of information to take in with you for discussion with your veterinarian over your pet's prescriptions.

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