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27 December 2008


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Looks like the goal is met and this sweet baby will get it's surgery on Tuesday :-) It was only 1/2 way there when I donated a couple of hours ago. What a great community to meet a goal like this in such a short time.


Wow. I want to contribute but apparently since the amount has been reached it's not possible to still do so. Is that right? I'm thinking maybe Suzie will need follow up or meds.
Lew has been more than generous to me with information to help me with my elderly rescues, and I have been wondering what I could do to thank her. This seemed perfect, but....
Any way to contribute from here? The site seems to not allow it.


Catherine, I disabled donations when we exceeded the goal as I didn't want to stockpile a bunch of money with no clear use for it. I promise if Suzie needs additional medical care I will post to K9 Nutrition and here as a follow up. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I just saw this, so happy you all reached your goal so quickly!


wow, I just read this ... I'm so pleased people stepped up and donated. Being this darling dog is a Canadian :0, I'm thrilled you put out the plea for help and that others stepped up. Thank you!

Lucy Schroth DVM

I just set up a fundraising page on fundable.com, but then read in a number of places that it is a scam. Did you have a good experience with them?
Lucy L. Schroth DVM
founder of Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission (www.vefm.org)


I had no problems with them at all. They sent me my check promptly in exactly the amount I was supposed to get.

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