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12 December 2008


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I don't know if it'll make you feel any better, but I played around with my mom's Kindle (I suspect Oprah hyping the Kindle had everything to do with its selling out), and the design is just so frustrating and disappointing if you're used to the elegance of Apple products. It's clunky and unintuitive. It just made me feel sad.

I do hope you win the lottery.


Be glad you waited - the word is out that there will be a newer better version out in the 1st quarter of 2009 that addresses most if not all of the issues with the current version. I googled when I first heard the news and found this:


Sorry if I sound critical
For character development
You'd be better off
with a rekindled Kindle
which are still available


All the rumors of a new version are just that: rumors. And they are officially denied by Amazon, where the original is, as you say, selling like hotcakes and back ordered for months.

There is an alternative that may get you a Kindle for Christmas (without resorting to sky-high ebay prices) -- the refurbished Kindles keep coming back in stock at Amazon. There were several available on the web site yesterday, appearing at times from very early morning until midnight. From the comments and emails I've received from those who grabbed one, there must have been at least dozen in stock in the morning and several more in stock in the afternoon and evening, so it pays to keep checking the link:


Note that if the refurbished units are sold out, that page will also display "used" Kindles being sold by third parties, not Amazon. Generally these are new or only slightly used units, sold at a premium due to the shortage. I know that many dozens of the refurbished Kindles have been sold and shipped since Dec 1, but they go in an out of stock quickly. They don't last on the site very long, so if you want one, you must order it immediately if you find one in stock. If you they are out of stock when you check, be sure to read my blog for tips on getting one:


Carrie K

Darn those Oprah masses. She could warn a company so that they'd know, couldn't she? You'd think.

Libby Cone

I do think it's expensive, but the Kindle is a boon to indie writers. We can publish with it and compete with the big players. The demographic right now seems to defy the picture of an early adopter; most Kindle owners use it to read free or low-cost mainstream books. I'd love to see more people buying a Kindle, knitting and felting their own one-of-a-kind tote for it http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/1177AD.html

(use any non-Superwash worsted wool yarn and skip the side piece if you want a snug fit), and filling it with the work of up-and-coming indie authors .
Libby Cone
Author, War on the Margins: A Novel
#1 in Gay and Lesbian in the Kindle store on Dec. 24, 2008!


New kindle is not a rumor. The info below about their earnings conference call fits the info in the tech article I provided a link to earlier. Amazon may take a page from Apple. They changed the Mini even though sales were through the roof.

Amazon CFO: New Kindle will wait until 2009
By Angela Gunn, BetaNews
October 23, 2008, 12:18 AM
2:56 pm PDT October 22, 2008 - Amazon's third-quarter earnings call had plenty of positive things to say about their success with the Kindle e-book reader. Good thing the company's happy with it, because it'll be the one and only Kindle for the remainder of the year.
CFO Tom Szkutak confirmed during this afternoon's call that there will be no newer model of the Kindle reader until 2009.

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