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18 November 2008


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Thanks for the heads up. I had just the thing:


Dogs come with clothes but yes, in the winter a coat or sweater is sometimes necessary. Just ask my smooth Wiener dog.

What I really detest are those fake antlers people put on their dogs. Hello, dogs are not caribou...try a lambskin next time as a nod to Aesop.

Those purse-like carriers where the dogs legs jut out the bottom are abominable from a health standpoint and from a common sense standpoint. They were all over Woofstock this summer because dum-dums think they are 'cute'.

Colorado Transplant

My daughter told me to go to and that is how I found my 2nd black cat in Aug.2008.

I wanted a cat that would get along with my other two cats--and be black--so I was able to get the cat I wanted by the description, including her nature, age, and picture on Thanks, petfinder!

Christie Keith

OMG, Lori, that sweater really is hideous. Please let us know how you do!

Christine S

I won't lie. If I had a smaller dog, disposable income, and s/he was fine with it, they would have a couple of outfits to wear on occasion.

Gina Spadafori

Oh, now Selma, how can you "detest" reindeer antlers:



Gina, how can you subject those beautiful creatures to public humiliation?

Gina Spadafori

Congrats! It's hideous, and I mean that in a good way! :)

Christie Keith

Wow, that is just.... you know, hideous. Well done!

Anne T

Congrats Lori and Casey! Casey's expression and that sweater are both priceless! lol!


Thanks guys. He looks like he knows it, too, doesn't he?


They picked my Kasey! He's the little guy in the middle in a nice sit, looking humiliated. :O) They even had a graphic artist do a rendering of the sweater for the "cover."


Ugly sweater e-cards

Sorry, forgot the link. I hope this doesn't go to spam

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