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10 November 2008


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Brilliant. I wish that I could have been there with you, but know that my love was marching beside you.


That was beautiful! I have a tear or two :)


Did you see anybody at all protesting against Muslims? More of them in California than Mormons, and many were instructed in their mosques to vote for Prop. 8. I've been distressed that the Mormons have been noticed and discussed and protested against -- and blacks, Latinos, and Muslims have pretty much gone unmentioned.
I don't live in California but pay attention -- so am I wrong here?


It's not about how groups voted. This was a documented longstanding effort by the Mormon church, dating back more than ten years, with a specific, written, aggressive organization plan done through that church to strip lesbians and gay men of our civil rights. More than HALF the money donated to "Yes on 8" came from the Mormon church. The second largest group was the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic group that gave one-tenth what Mormons did.

That's why others have gone "unmentioned," although anyone who says blacks have gone "unmentioned" must have been in a coma for the last two weeks. But it wasn't black people who organized and funded and pushed and flogged this horrible, cruel, unjust proposition. It was the Mormon church with the willing and enthusiastic cooperation of the Christian right.


Thanks for responding, Christie. The thing that puzzles me, continuously, is the silence about Muslims in America, and the widespread ignoring of their bigotry. It's worse in Europe, but getting pretty bad here. Mosques are financed largely by the Saudi Wahhabi sect, a virulently anti-gay group intent on establishing sharia law everywhere. There are more Muslims than Mormons, and even if you trace pro-8 funding to the LDS, it's important to pay attention to the Islamic agenda -- especially as it is so far below the radar for most Americans.

A small local story:

Bruce Bawer, an American expatriate, is on top of the issue in Europe. Think of it: There is a serious political debate in Europe as to whether or not to agree with the execution of gays. We need to sit up here and pay attention. At least some mention that there was more to Prop 8 than Mormons and blacks and evangelicals.

European Muslims debate: Should gays be executed?
PAJAMAS MEDIA, 7 August 2008
"Islamists are poking and prodding at the edifice of European democracy in a tireless effort to weaken the system and bend it ever more surely toward sharia."

First they came for the gays
PAJAMAS MEDIA, 29 January 2008
"Sharia law may still be an alien concept to some Westerners, but it’s staring gay Europeans right in the face – and pointing toward a chilling future for all free people."

I hope you'll have time to glance at those two articles particularly. I don't know why the links aren't coming through but go to and they are listed there.

Regards --


It's because your bigotry is offensive and idiotic. Religious fundamentalism and prosletyzing is the enemy, not a specific religion. Don't post this crap on my blog anymore. It makes me sick.

And given how I feel right now about Xians, really, I have a hard time seeing much difference between the Dominionist haters and their army of god and the worst Islamic terrorist who ever lived. I mean, the KKK thinks it's a Xian group.

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