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07 November 2008


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"And why is it that haters and right wing Christianists don't use paragraphs?"

Or know how to spell? Sheesh!


Sandy's Gay Agenda for November 7, 2008

5:30am: Alarm goes off and I transition from sleep to conscious thought.
5:50am: I get out of bed, pull on sweats and start work.
7:00am: My first business call, with someone in Europe.
8:00am: My second business call, with more folks in Europe.
9:00am: My third business call/online meeting.
10:00am: My fourth call will begin.
Rest of my Gay Agenda day: Work until 5pm.
7pm, dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday. This dinner includes a couple, two men who were married on October 11, finally "legalizing" their relationship as marriage. (They have been together 20 years and raised two children who were abused and abandoned by their straight family of origin).


Can I, as a straight person, apologize in any meaningful way for the attitudes and behaviors of crazies like Christie's hater? Hanging my head in shame, 'cause I sure feel like I need to (apologize and be ashamed).


I know that my fellow Christians are very aware the violent persecution is the next step and has already started.

Mmm. I'm a little confused. Violent persecution of who? Me? Her? Her children? Paragraphs? Run-on sentences?




My Gay Agenda-

7:00 AM-9:00 AM Get up, take shower, get dressed, put finishing touches on crock pot dish to take to work potluck.

9:00-9:30- Read news on Google. Tell ferret to stop scrabbling around in his cage.

9:30- Head to work.

10:30-7 PM: Work.

7-9:30- Grocery store, prep for girlfriend to come up this weekend.

Now - Watching episodes of Bones, cooking a pizza, and bemoaning the way humanity clings to only the facets of religion that moans against things they think are icky, but screw all the rest of Leviticus.

Barbara Saunders

I'm still wondering why these people bother to hide behind the label "Christian" at all. My mother is minister; I know a bit about Christianity. I am not aware of any part of that doctrine that requires or even encourages followers to select Biblical edicts (at random and by personal interpretation at that) and ram them through the law system of any society.

Now, that said: I think "humanity clings to only the facets of religion that moans against things they think are icky" is also a broad generalization, which ignores those religious folks who are supporters of equality in every way.


So how did your gay agenda work out? Me, I got sidetracked by a movie on TBS and wound up staying on the couch eating popcorn in my fuzzy socks all day. Heh. (Lightbulb: Some entrepreneurial queer needs to start selling a day planner with the words "Gay Agenda" in big letters on the front!)

Your hate mail, btw? Classic. I especially enjoyed the bit about pulling the kids out of school because "sex ed" shouldn't be taught till middle school. I love that these are the same parents who don't make a peep about overcrowded classrooms, janitors getting paid more than teachers, and school librarians buying books on their own dime. Education is sacred, yessiree! Also? I love how any mention of same-gendered couples automatically means "sex ed." Oprah's made a career about the dead sex lives of straight marrieds... why do they assume that we've got the mojo thing all figured out?

Anyway, thank you for the bits of levity in this dark time. As a lesbian Floridian, I'm heartbroken; I can't even imagine what my brothers and sisters in CA are going through.

Hang in there.


Firstly, I'm not trying to make a blanket statement. Obviously not everyone is like that. Unfortunately, a fair number, and it seems the majority of the voting public who actually got out there and voted, ARE that way.


*also hanging head in shame on behalf of heterosexuals everywhere*

Although holding my head somewhat at half mast... I'm Canadian. :O)

Perhaps we should trade secrets: your democratic system (our parliament is an f-ing joke) for our progressively GLBT-friendly agenda.

P.S. I have the utmost respect for anyone with a coherent opinion... but I hate a hater who can't spell. It's ridicules!

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