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05 November 2008


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And now comes the irony of your support for Obama. Not only is he no friend of the gay community, the people you've gotten into bed with to get him elected don't really approve of who you get into bed with.


Gay marriage is the first victim of the Obama coronation, and in this respect he's not the change we need.


Oh please. What else is new? EVERY Democratic candidate is the same.

And don't blah blah blah to me about a third party or more parties. I believe in dealing with what we have, not what we'd like to try. I've seen the progressive movement splintered in chase of a third party candidate before. It always hurts us.


Lurker here popping out for a minute....

As a married, straight woman I know that for me to say, "I feel your pain" would be insensitive and dishonest, to say the least. But at the same time, I wanted you to know that I'm heartbroken over this. I understand that Kansas (where I'm at) is a bigoted backwater most days, but I had so much hope for California. And then if California could do the right thing, then maybe other states would follow, and maybe even here everyone could have equal rights someday....

It didn't happen today, but we *will* get there. Even inspite of all the small, mean people in the world, it *will* happen. As a commentor on my blog said today, "50 years ago, a black man couldn't drink from the same water fountain as a white one. We just have to fight through this crap confident that we will emerge victorious."

The Dol

Um, both Obama and Biden openly endorsed a No on Prop 8 position. Yes, they also said they don't believe in gay marriage. Can we progressives start to understand the whole telegraphing thing a little better?

We'll win this fight. I wish we'd won it yesterday, but we'll win it.

And didn't you also notice that Obama has made multiple--including at Invesco and last night--nods to the gay community in very important speeches? Seriously. Just because he doesn't come out and perform a gay marriage as he's being inaugurated doesn't mean he hates gays.


Huh? Where the hell did THAT come from? I never said Barack hates gays. I don't remove comments just because they disagree with me, but this one isn't even REMOTELY addressing anything I said.

The Dol

I was responding to the first commenter, not you. Sorry, Christie. Probably shouldn't have hopped in here like that.


It's not about the man, a President has to appeal to mutually exclusive groups. Do you really think the Libertarians and the Evangelicals get along in the Reagan coalition, especially since the emphasis from Reagan-Bush-Dole-Bush has gone from promises of small government to a delivery of larger government with overtones?

It is about the party. If you want to be a pragmatic voter and say "better than the other choice" then you shouldn't be as naive to say "I voted for hope and against hate" as if. As if. As if.

A pragmatic party which is willing to toss gays a scrap but look at the numbers and realize that they are not ballsy enough to go against the polls and stand on a principle instead of "yay unions, nay marriage" for fear of alienating more numerous voters does not deserve such fond adulation.

The Dems have thrown in the the breeders (read: future voters) in part to combat the nature of aging voters going conservative. They haven't won the white vote in memory and they see the Repubs making the same play, especially for the Immigrant vote.

You might be pragmatic in voting for Obama, but the party is pragmatic in voting against gays. And the higher profile of a Black candidate might speak to a more colorful vision of leadership in our future, but we have a lot more work to do in changing the minds of people of color regarding homosexuality than we do with White voters.

The truth is that if gays want more from government, it must come by standing on principle, there will never be numbers large enough to be pandered to.


Thanks, The Dol! I get these comments by email, so that hadn't occurred to me. I get it now!

The Dol

Oh cool, I was feeling bad there.


Hope this helps a little

Let the lawyers prevail!

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