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26 November 2008


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Thank you for that, Christie! I have so been looking forward to this article since it was announced. I've bookmarked it.

My plan for this holiday season is to visit others, and only allow a select, trusted few who are in-the-know to my pack's place. Very labour-saving!


I, too, have been explaining some of the basic tenets of a clean "pet house" for years.

For me, it basically boils down to clean pets and a clean house. (I am, admittedly, a bit of a clean fanatic.) Thankfully, I'm often complimented on how nice my home smells. My dog receives similar compliments, since I bathe her once a week with a shampoo I adore. (I had a neighbour who brought her houseguests to pet my dog, if she saw us outside. She'd tell them to pet my dog, then command them to, "Smell your hands! Smell your hands!" Invariably they'd remark, "That does smell good." Although, a clean dog doesn't really "smell" at all, actually.

Anyway, the main reason I came to the comment box was to ask where I could find more images of Kyrie. She's a lovely girl, that's for sure! :-)

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