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19 November 2008


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I've housebroken older dogs a couple of times. New environment = new rules. Set them immediately and keep the schedule.

We just got a new-to-us old dog who had never been in a house before this month. The first 24 hours were the hardest- we did not let our schnauzer be alone during that time at all, with immediate prevention/correction and rewards. Within two weeks, he was mostly housebroken with only an occasional lapse. It also helps we're home 24/7 with the dog, and our old dog is helping enforce the habit.


Old dogs. New tricks. No problem... for the dog. Much patience and understanding required from the human.

Like old people, old dogs thrive on schedule, structure and familiarity. Change too much too fast and they (understandably) get cranky and/or confused.

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