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28 November 2008


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Fingers crossed for a swift recovery. Me locking my turkey in the oven doesn't even begin to compare to this TGD bummer.


Poor babies - both of you! Been there, done that. Thank goodness it wasn't on a holiday.


That doesn't look right - mine wasn't on a holiday:-)

Gina Spadafori

Foxtails are just plain eeeeevil. Remember poor McKenzie's ordeal, four months and two surgeries? A piece of that damn foxtail is still there, walled off by the body but not causing any more trouble.

Best wishes for my man Rebel, sweetest boy evah.


Best thoughts for Rebel.


a foxtail??????


Poor Rebel and poor Christie! Wishing you both a quick bounceback from this.


Are there enough curse words to cover all the problems your poor dogs have had lately?

Best wishes to Rebel for a speedy recovery.

Barbara A. Albright

Gosh, I had to google it...sounds like serious nasty stuff! Hope Rebel recovers x-tra quick!


All the best to both Rebel and you, Christie.

Foxtails are awful.

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