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28 October 2008


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Who should we blame besides the Chinese? Our own government, for letting this stuff in and for giving American companies tax breaks to have their products made in China. This is what "free trade," GOP style, means: give a tax break to the American company to fire American workers and hire Chinese workers; trust the Chinese FDA (!!!) to prevent poisons from getting into the food; and then give American companies a tax break to import the Chinese cat food back into the US to kill our cats with...

It's just horrible.


Sen Clinton is also following this:


apparently the Chinese are using talcum powder in flour and white clay in animal feed. My body feels clogged up just reading about all these new "ingredients", and I don't eat anything processed or from unknown non organic/sustainable local sources.

We already know it's in our meats and fish. I'm just wondering how long the US (FDA/USDA) can hold out before they have to be honest and deal with the situation. Letters to manufacturers/producers to watch out for suspect ingredients sure ain't cutting it . . .


It is time to contact your Congressman and ask them to immediately STOP all food & food ingredients including drink products from China. I have found that most U.S. food manufactures are using ingredients from communist China, these companies include Nestle's, Kellogs, Cadbury, Iams, and more, we need to try and stop all consumable products from China, you can contact your representative at they claim for every one person that calls their Congressman it represents 10,000 people, do your part and call or email.

Colorado Transplant

I agree with you, Liza. Only now we might become the "canary in the coal mine". Other countries might consider U.S. humans the canary and shy away from melamine-tainted products from China. By the way, I am shying away from products that might contain milk 'cause who knows where that milk comes from. Whole Foods told me that they do import from China. I sometimes find it hard to believe that some of their organic food comes from China.

Diana L Guerrero

This is a topic we will probably revisit over and over again. International trade is great IF we benefit and the same standards for health and safety are applied.

These days there understaffed agencies and uninterested bureaucrats just compound the problem.

Sustainable agriculture and local organic foods are what more and more of us need to support.

It is a shame but so much happens under the radar these days...until a crisis calls everyone to notice.

Carol V

I read this article today...and kidding...I just knew they were not just "kidney stones" from melamine but the same mysteriously strange crystals in the kidneys that we all (except for those who can change the laws) learned about last year...

One of my two chihuahua is still alive and barking (actually meowing) like crazy to get some needed food safety changes!


Maybe instead of trying to stop it from the food angle - China needs to shut down the melamine manufacturers and destroy the stock on hand. Even if there is some black market melamine out there- it will cost too much and be a worthless additive.

Colorado Transplant

Well, now the cats can have melamine and salmonella in the cat food.

As previously posted, Special Kitty Gourmet brand of cat food sold in Walmart in 15 states has been suspected possibly containing salmonella, according to the FDA's e-mail.

I guess the standard U.S. food motto--don't get the pets just sick, get them really SICK (which makes me very depressed). Who should we blame besides the Chinese? No answer required.


This is serious stuff and some are starting to pay attention!

US Representative Says China Food May Be Suspect For Years

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--Food imports from China should remain suspect and monitored closely for years to come after the latest discovery that Chinese eggs are contaminated with the deadly melamine chemical, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., said Monday. "The avalanche of tainted products from China has ceased being a mere safety issues and is on the verge of becoming a major crisis," DeLauro said in a statement. "The latest development involving eggs tainted with melamine is even more disturbing because of the possibility of it being traced to feed given to chickens." Melamine is a toxic chemical used in plastics and fertilizer.

UN Calls For China To Report On Melamine In Livestock Feed

BEIJING (AFP)--A U.N. agency called Tuesday for China to immediately disclose if an industrial chemical found in dairy products had been used in livestock feed and contaminated the wider food chain. The recent discovery of melamine in mainland chicken eggs sold in Hong Kong has triggered worries that the chemical was present in a wide range of foods such as farm-raised meats and fish, a U.N. official said.

Susan Fox

Jeez, I bought and have eaten a bunch of autumn moon cakes that I got at the Beijing airport in September, which undoubtedly had both milk and eggs in them. Now this. I wonder how much melamine I ingested. Yuk.

Won't be giving the small boxes of three as gifts now, that's for sure.

Looks like the locavore movement has taken hold just in time.

Carol V

This story from David Barboza (one of my heros from last year)

"In the United States, a spokeswoman for the Food and Drug Administration said the agency was looking into the outbreak of melamine in eggs from China to determine if further action was warranted. Depending upon the outcome, the agency may expand its product sampling to cover more products, she said."

states that the FDA MAY be looking into testing more products...yet this next article clearly states we import "egg product" from I think maybe the FDA should listen to us for a change after all our screaming was ignored last year...and assume that the melaegg products have come across the pond until proven not!

"China's fresh eggs are mainly exported to the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Macau, while egg products are also sold to Japan and the U.S., according to a February egg market report on the Agriculture Ministry's Web site, the latest available data."


China kept silent for one month!!!!

Chinese Found Locally Produced Eggs Contaminated 1 Month Before Hong Kong Finding -

Local Chinese officials said they discovered that some locally produced eggs were contaminated with an industrial chemical one month before Hong Kong officials first brought similar finding to the public over the weekend. The one-month lag between the discovery and disclosure of the presence of melamine - the same chemical involved in China's tainted baby-formula scandal - raises questions about the reporting of food problems by Chinese companies and authorities to consumers and regulators elsewhere.


AP - China's animal feed tainted with melamine, media reports say

"The practice of mixing melamine into animal feed is an "open secret" in the industry, the Nanfang Daily newspaper reported in an article that was republished on the Web sites of the official Xinhua News Agency and the Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily.

Publicizing such a problem is rare in the Chinese media and appears to be a tacit admission by China's central government that melamine contamination is widespread."

Full story -

Concha Castaneda

The milk powder that was produced this spring before the Olympics was used to make the Halloween Candy that is now sitting in our Target stores. I found this out yesterday on another website and was so disturbed about it that I blogged it this morning.

Apparently the silence about this has to do with the elections. So expect the day after the elections for the FDA to do the right thing and recall all the Halloween candy made in China. Maybe we can get the Christmas candy off the shelves before a bunch of our children get sick.

Nadine L.


Associated Press-Beijing

"Experts say melamine sometimes accidentally leaches into the food supply in low levels, from things like plastic dinnerware. It can also seep in from some pesticides and fertilizers."

"But in China it's become clear that the chemical is deliberately added."

"In light of Wednesday reports by state media on the widespread use of the chemical in animal feed, health experts say the government clearly knew melamine was being added for more than a year, since contaminated dog food made it to markets in North America, but didn't crack down on producers as promised."

"However, one is not going to change a hierarchical government system overnight," he added."

"Though China has vowed to boost inspections for melamine contamination, it will be difficult to monitor the countless small, illegally operating manufacturers found across the country, other experts said."

"It could take five or even 10 years" before some companies stop adding the chemical to food products, said Yan, of the U.S. Grains Council."

Full article here:

Nadine L.

FDA recall on Jacobina Biscuits sold in the U.S.

Carol V

And now it is US animal feed...we just can't know where...already sent this to Rep DeLauro by phone...

thanks to 3catkidneyfailure for finding and posting this over at itchmoforums...


Fears on Animal Feed Widen -

"...Still, if eggs, milk and animal feed are tainted, there is the specter of an even wider array of foods that could come under scrutiny, including pork, chicken, bread, cakes, seafood and candy.

China is also one of the world’s largest exporters of food and food ingredients, including meats, seafood, beverages and vitamins...."


The above New York Times article stated that they may start testing vegetables. The only reason I can think that they would do that is that melamine slag has been thrown into fertilizers also. Cheap nitrogen for depleted soil. I wonder if massive amounts of melamine slag in fertilizers can wind up in plant tissues? Then it's in the crops, the feed, the meat, the eggs, the milk, pretty much everything.

Carol V

well, if my kitty Smudge could talk I am sure she would join in with all the others that were the precursor of all this now and say a big "I TOLD YOU SO"....I was surprised at the reaction of our government officials them (actually the lack of reaction) and even more surprised now...I still have to go blog and website searching to find out anything about this...when will it be important enough to make the mainstream media... more news coverage about things far less important stay in the headlines for weeks...It is our food supply for gawd's sake! oh and our medicine supply to for most of the meds now a days....

Colorado Transplant

Ugh, Ugh, Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am now trying to eat food that does not contain milk or eggs. Very hard to do, but I do not want to eat any more melamine.

Slow poisoning of America is the way I see it when I am bothered--but there are other choices instead of milk or eggs or fowl or beef.

Doug Goodale

I read an article a few days ago, I believe it was in the New York Times, about a huge increase in kidney stones in young people. Doctors are at a loss to explain the 200 to 300% increase in cases but speculate that they may be related to salt in junk food .... hmmm I have another idea!


I read an article a few days ago, I believe it was in the New York Times, about a huge increase in kidney stones in young people. Doctors are at a loss to explain the 200 to 300% increase in cases but speculate that they may be related to salt in junk food …. hmmm I have another idea!

Comment by Doug Goodale — October 31, 2008 @ 7:30 pm

I agree!!! I was thinking the same thing, when I read it. Why, oh why can't they seem to put 2+2 together?


The FDA website is checking products from China that contain milk.

Whey is a milk product that is used in processed food, protein and health food and sports supplements. It is loosely traded all over the world. Who is checking the products containing whey?

We know melamine is in animal feed now. We import fish and shrimp from Asia including China and Thailand. Who is checking the fish for melamine?

During the Pet Food Recall we learned that rice and wheat protein was actually flour adulterated with melamine to look like those products.

So we know flour from China is sometimes adulterated with melamine.

Who is checking the infinite supply of noodles, rice stick and other flour based products sold both in Asian and regular grocery stores and served in all Asian restaurants?

If melamine is used to boost protein levels in grain products, is soy contaminated too? Where is soy powder and soy milk coming from?

Rice powder and rice milk? Who is testing Rice baby cereal?

So farmed seafood or meat fed animal feed - anything made with grain flours, whey or milk products sourced from China should be checked for melamine. Not just products made in China.

The FDA is not doing enough by looking just at milk products made in China. China imports tons of whey, flours, and feeds, all over the world, and all resulting products should now be suspect.

Contact John F. Sheehan, J.D. at (301)436-2367 FAX: 301 436-2632.or Benson M. Silverman, M.D. (301)436-1459 at the FDA

Tell them to test seafood that could have been fed feed imported from China. Not just seafood from China, but all the countries that buy their feed.

Tell them to test all flour products (soy, rice, wheat) that could have sourced ingredients from China. Not just products made in China, like noodles or crackers, but from any country that may have sourced from China.

Tell them to test all supplements and other products containing Whey.

Whey is heavily sourced from China and is in numerous food and supplement products made all over the world and here in the US. You can buy it by the ton on the internet. Companies buy from the cheapest source.


Here is a list of products recalled in Sri Lanka:

Carol V

Here is the link for the CBC Doc Zone... Pet Food: A Dog's Breakfast ...I found it on Susan Thixton's site...while we are on the subject of melamine...and more...


China's contaminated food scandal widens

Latest Fonterra melamine scare overplayed

"It’s now accepted that melamine has entered the food chain in China, through pesticides, fertiliser and even animal feed. Recent months have turned up melamine in biscuits, eggs and fish".

We import most of our apple juice, apples and garlic from China.

It is in their fertilizers and pesticides. Babies drink apple juice - eat apple sauce. Who is testing that for melamine?

We import tons of flours, glutens, wheys, powdered eggs, powdered milk, used as ingredients in US foods and supplements and used in imported processed food and supplements. Protein powders, tofu, rice or soy milks - who is checking that? Seafood farmed in countries that purchase feed from China, seafood farmed in China, meat fed feed imported from China, animal and fish feed for animals farmed in the US?

The FDA has been testing milk products in Asian markets in the US.

And milk products imported from China.

And the FDA has set a limit on allowable melamine in products, but what happens when it accumulates or kidneys are exposed repeatly?

Carol V

From AP:

"FDA to detain food shipments from China"


"The melamine scandal is now weeks old, but FDA officials said it has taken that long to comply with legal requirements that detention orders be scrupulously backed by evidence. A national poll released earlier this week by Consumers Union found that the public wants foreign food-producing facilities inspected as frequently as domestic ones: about once a month. The FDA has nowhere near the number of inspectors to fulfill that desire, and instead mainly relies on U.S. food companies to require that their foreign supplier maintain high standards. "


I would not be so sure. On there is an article about melamine in baby formula here, and it is baby food made in the US. I'm wondering where the ingredients came from. But the FDA is trying to assure parents that there is no problem, because it is a small amount of melamine and cyanuric acid. Hmm, sounds familiar, doesn't it. And I still miss our cat! Here is the link. I hope it works.\Health\20081127\Infant-Formula.xml&cat=health&subcat=&pageid=1


Melamine in soymilk? Heavy metals in food from China?

the San Francisco Gate is following the melamine issue closely

Cheap food may bring next health crisis Nov. 30, 08

A 2008 federal study reports that the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the United States has increased from 20 percent to 25 percent in the past decade - and for older Americans, it is significantly higher. Is it a coincidence that these trends parallel the imports from China?

Few consumers would know that globally sourced food ingredients are in everyday items with familiar brand names like Nutri-Grain bars and Sara Lee bread. "Ingredient sourcing" is veiled in much secrecy - distributors don't want you to know where they get your food. Marketing hype and well-crafted packaging of branded processed foods - even many of those labeled "organic" - often lead us to believe that their ingredients are from U.S. farms. But organic doesn't always mean domestic.

Consumers need better oversight of food imports

We should not have to rely on Chinese babies sickened by tainted milk to sound a warning bell, nor should we need advanced training in food science and international trade before venturing into a supermarket. We need a strong, well-funded and fully staffed food inspection force and comprehensive food labeling.

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