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01 October 2008


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The separation thing is not an issue for us since my dogs go to work with me - but... Zip the Kelpie is wound tighter than a yo-yo in a centrifuge. Even with massive quantities of mental and physical exercise her default reaction to anything 'icky' (and she has a looonnggg list of 'ickies') is to avoid it or go stiff as a cast iron doorstop.

It really isn't terribly difficult to trim the toenails on a doorstop. Or to take its temperature rectally - but I suspect that it isn't very pleasant for the doorstop. So, I've taught the little nutcase a "Relax" on command so that we can do these things to her with less stress.

Have done a similar thing with some client dogs. Its a great thing to do with a puppy that doesn't have an off switch.

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