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04 September 2008


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Oh yeah - Papillons find themselves strangely drawn to Border Collies, too!


I got VPI Pet Insurance as a gift for my daughter that had adopted a stray. I purchased the best policy based on all the website information. VPI is now refusing to pay expenses based on a policy exclusion - which, as the purchaser of the gift, I was not privy to and was not listed on their website as a categorical exclusion. I also believe that just saving the money to pay for the services might have been a better option for me in the long run.


That's so funny. It's kind of sad too - makes you think there is a part of our dogs that is always searching for their pack members, in a world full of alien beings (you know - pugs, poodles, republicans and other forms of clearly alien beings...)

Christie Keith

It's an interesting thing to consider, as regards Kyrie.

I got her at 7 weeks old. I'd normally never get a puppy so young, but I'd had a singleton litter, and her breeder "lent" her to me to raise with him so he wouldn't be weird and abnormal, LOL. I fell in love with her and ended up keeping her.

As far as I can remember, she was the only black and white puppy in her litter. I don't think her mama was black and white either, although it was nearly ten years ago and I no longer remember.

Her entire life she's been in a pack of deerhounds, plus two mixed breed dogs and some cats. Although I showed her a bit as a puppy and took her coursing a couple of times, she really never saw other Borzois.

So I can only assume it's some kind of breed memory, or maybe her mother was black and white, or some other dogs at her breeder's house, or she's seen herself in a mirror.

Whatever it was, her reaction to that BC was totally atypical for her. I'd love to get inside her mind and know for sure!


My sister's Boston terrier is absolutely fascinated with Boxers - which makes sense when you think that a boxer is essentially the super-model version of a boston terrier: taller and curvier.

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