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28 September 2008


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Love it! Just love it!


Well, you know, some of us have never heard of Bark Obama, cause people didn't tell us about it. Hmmmph.

Still, 26k in the rain...maybe. People like me don't do well in the rain. It does this weird thing to our hair, don't you know.


I came on here expecting some fun commentary about the palin interviews... especially about how she "chooses" not to be gay. Bill Maher has taken a few chunks out of her already but I thought surely you'd say it best. :O)

After reading your little update though, I'll wait for your reaction to the debate. You've got enough on your plate... for now, I'll settle with being horribly jealous of your rainy date, and let you get back to doggie nursing. Hope they feel better soon.

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