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28 August 2008


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"Spread the word!"

O I am trying! Unfortunately, for every sourced quote I offer explaining clearly that this is NOT a new strain of Parvo, that it does not "jump the vaccines" and there is no "epidemic", at least 2 people come back with "It's for reals" posts. : (

Christie Keith

LOL... aw shucks, ma'am!


haha, OK Christie, I have several e-mail lists for you to join so you can go in and crack the whip! ; )

Gina Spadafori

Let Christie deal with them. NO ONE wins an argument with her. :)

Christie Keith

Oh yes, I definitely need more lists. ;)

T. Gray

In Calgary AB (Canada) there has apparently been an increase of parvo in younger dogs (not yet vaccinated?) and older dogs which had never been vaccinated or had incomplete vaccinations. There were some news clips on local TV stations and articles in the papers. The coverage was factual, not alarmist, and indicated parvo was preventable if vaccinations were done.


I do indeed believe this is an epidemic your telling people not to worry about it if your dogs are vaccinated my friend recently found out she has parvou and it is not stopping @ anything KILLING all of her dogs with VACCINATIONS. all her dogs were fully distemper,parvo,ect... vaccinated every single one of them. so far 3 have passed away.NOW if you dont feel like you should inform people of this dont but if that can happend to dogs with vaccinations what will happen to dogs with out them.and they continue on having seizures 25 to be exact do you want your dogs to endure such painful disease. THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM>

Gina Spadafori

Kelly, your fear-mongering is not based in science and utterly unhelpful to keeping our dogs healthy. You don't know what killed your friend's dogs. And yet, you are here spreading Internet panic -- or trying to.

Not going to happen. I'm sorry about your friend's dogs, but scaring everyone else isn't going to make them come back, not will it prevent tragedy in other dogs. Learn some critical thinking skills, and quit spreading unsubstantiated rumors.

Christopher Gates

Excuse me, Gina, but I've had to put 2 dogs down this week and they did have Parvo. According to my Vet they're seeing approx 6 dogs a week with the disease. If that doesn't sound like an outbreak than I don't know what one is. if you're not going to warn people to keep they're dogs away from high traffic dog areas, who will? This problem needs to be addressed.

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