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30 August 2008


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Interestingly I was just watching that Season 6 Episode of The West Wing where the Republican candidate is searching for a running mate and the sticking point is always, always abortion. Somehow people who spend a lifetime campaigning for 'traditional' sports (it was always fox hunting in the UK which was finally banned but the outcry over it has never quite gone away), 'traditional' freedoms and the rights to use every other person and animal as they choose seem to totally against the right to control one's own body, lest it result in sleeping with someone of the same sex (cos that's everyone's business, obviously) or by aborting a foetus.

Abortion's an emotional issue and I have about a million questions to answer for myself before I'm certain about issues like when the cut-off date should be, etc. But no matter what my questions and doubts it's just not in me to deny another sane, adult human to make a choice about their own body. The choice of Palin was depressing to me in the UK because we often follow where the US leads, and it was a manipulatively smart choice. Let's hope the US turns to the route back up the garden path Dubya lead us all down.

Lee Charles Kelley

Just a proofreading note: "whack job" (with an "h") is not the proper spelling for your purpose in this article. It should have been "wack job," as in "those people are wacky."

"Whack job" sounds like an assignment a mafia don would give to a hit man: "I want ya to whack dis guy for me, okay?"


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