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08 August 2008


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I have decided that there's something really wrong with you. Sports are really okay, they won't bite you.

I'm telling you, when you're stressed out, there is nothing like watching football highlights, and watching a player get hit so hard his momma feels it half a country away. works for me, anyway...

That aside, I kinda fell out of love with the Olympics years ago, but I do watch the parade of nations, the torch lighting, and, since it's summer, swimming, diving and the track and field. Gymnastics doesn't do it for me anymore since Kerri Strug, Dominique Dawes and Shannon Miller got too old to compete.


It's all about the beach volleyball ...

I'm just saying!


Hey, KT, I'm all for the beach volleyball, too. I miss Gaby. She's still hot.


Gabby is hot! Though I'm a complete and utter May-Treanor/Walsh fan! One of these days when I'm in LA, I'll get a chance to go and see them, I hope.

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