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26 August 2008


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Alex V

If I wasn't going off to college, I would certainly feed my dog a raw diet. I just think it would be a lot of work for my mom. However, Loki doesn't have a problem on the dry food.


I've almost NEVER had a dog with a food allergy or stomach upset on raw, home made food -- and that includes a dog with pancreatitis who was violently ill on almost every commercial food we tried, and another brother/sister pair who had raw, red, itchy skin.

The siblings live in NYC, and their owner switched them to raw last month. This month? No more raw skin, no more bumps, no more scratching.

I don't really care what anyone else feeds -- I don't proselytize about food -- but I do get pissed at all the 'oh, you're a crazy hippie if you feed raw or home made' naysayers.


What about cats? Lindsey has always had itchy ears and recently had an aural hematoma, so now the vet is worried that he's got serious allergies. Lindsey is now on grain-free wet food with added pumpkin and we've taken him off dairy products as a treat (both the dog and the cat like dairy products), but I'm not so sure where to go next.

Read any journal articles on itchy ears in kitties, lately, Christie?


My girl with pancreatitis is also very lean, fit and muscular.


One of my dogs has a chicken allergy, which we discovered after several versions of a "bland" diet and ellimination of certain foods. You have to read labels carefully, as many foods will have chicken fat or other products listed as an ingredient, even if it is marketed as some sort of other treat, such as beef or vege. Also, be sure to stay away from by-products in pet food!


Yeah. I had a dog with Addison's, allergies and epilepsy. One of the best things I did for him was switch him to a home-cooked diet (he couldn't tolerate raw).

Now my Kelpie may be suffering from chronic pancreatitis (bizarre as she's very lean and fit) and as soon as I have a kitchen again - we're going back to a home-made diet.

I love the Pitcairn book for preparing a home-made diet. It's very well organized and has lots of good advice on basics.


I strongly suggest Orijen dog or cat food if you have a breed with any sensitivities! It is low-carb and has no gluten, grain, OR CORN!

The adult dog food, for example, is 70% protein and 30% fruits and vegetables with lots of essential fatty acids and native botanicals (no need for the dog to grass or for you to add fish oil). It's all made in Canada with local, fresh, HUMAN-grade meats. One formula does have chicken, so wouldn't work for an allergic dog but another has only fish for meat.

I use the adult formula and there are no upset stomachs for my pit mix! Plus her coat is beyond shiny and the poop is nothing! She loves it- seriously, it is good stuff. You can look at my website for proof.

Orajen's website (including all ingredients_: http://www.championpetfoods.com/orijen/products/

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