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26 August 2008


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Anne T

And how is FDA/ the Federal Gov't going to pay for this on a drastically reduced FDA budget? Setting up offices overseas when food saftey can't be dealt with here in the US? Oh yes, I know! Add to the 53 trillion dollar National deficit by selling more treasury bonds to...hold it.....China!


Now I wouldn't want to bring politics into this, but when you go to vote in November, you might want to figure out which candidate/party believes that industries can regulate themselves and which one doesn't. Which candidate/party believes in 'smaller' government achieved through the defunding of agencies and which candidate/party believes that government has a role and responsibility in protecting the American consumer.

Just a thought.

Nadine L.

Pet food recall leads to 6,000 claims in a class action settlement .. and counting.

If your dog or cat became ill or died from the contaminated food, there is still time to file your claim.

Yet another excellent article today by Julie Schmit of USA Today here:



To get Amazon's free shipping on the new Nestle "Pet Food Politics" book, I believe I'd need to buy three copies. I'm thinking about one for me, and a couple for my elected representatives . . . . . . . .


OK, explain the math to me. Do two corrupt entities added together make a positive?


-1 (US FDA) -1 (US/China FDA) = -2

So I guess two corrupt entities added together make a mess twice as big as you thought they ever would.

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