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14 July 2008


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Here is web-site addressing "non-native" species. Note sidebar on brown snakes in Guam.


There's nothing like people who know next to nothing about a subject drafting laws, is there?

Wonder if the AR crowd is behind this one. :>)


The Non-native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act - O my. I believe the barn door is already open. What next?

The Muslim Extremists Hijacking 4 Planes Simultaneously Prevention Act?

The Poisonous Chinese Imports Prevention Act?

The Supreme Court Election Deciders Prevention Act?

Susan Fox

I just googled her name and went to her website. No mention of the Non-native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act that I could find. Maybe this idiotic piece of legislation will just die a quiet death after someone clues her in about the reality of what she is proposing.


What next ? non-native humans are not allowed in USA ... basic everyone should be baned ... amazing

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