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08 July 2008


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Well, I'm a snake lover - even though I don't currently have any snakes and may not ever again. But I think they're beautiful, gentle creatures - and definitely discriminated against.

Was with a friend in Petco the other day (don't ask!) and saw a case with baby Ball Pythons in it. At the same moment as she was gearing up to go "Ewww!" I said "Aren't they lovely?" and insisted that she look at the beautiful colors and patterns. Once she did so, she admitted she had to admire their beauty, even though she was still freaked out by the idea that they were *snakes*!

Hey - you take the small steps forward any way you can get them. And I love the picture at the head of this article, too. Tree Boa of some kind? (It's been awhile since I've been in serious contact with lots of different kinds of snakes, but he has that "Tree Boa-ish" look about him! LOL!)

Christie Keith

Amazon tree boa... a female, around two years old. I love the expression as well as the color and markings!


Yeah - Tree Boas always look like they should have eyelashes (much like geckos! LOL!)


I enjoyed the article and hope it makes somebody think twice. I was one of those young girls who was lucky my mom kept her real feelings quiet when I brought home the reptiles and amphibians I caught. Nothing like as an adult standing in a room full of suits and having a coworker say a bit too loudly, "You have a pet snake?!" and all heads swing your direction.

nancy freedman-smith

I have learned from my kids that garter snakes eat worms like we eat spagetti. I have a lot of garter snakes in my yard, and while I do not fear them, and we don't have dangerous snakes in Maine, I still freak when they suprise me and I nearly step on them. Major Heart poundage. I am like a reactive dog that reacts before thinking.

I also learned that snakes like my shrubs and climb them and hang out there. I stopped trying to trim that hedge, or pick up old leaves from in there. They can have that area of my yard. In turn they eat the bugs in my gardens.

Bernard J. (Bernie) Starzewski

Yes, very pretty... Admire them in the zoo.

Snakes are NOT pets! They are not your friends and even the little ones would eat you if you were small enough to swallow.

They would also eat those dumb bunnies depicted in the lower right given half a chance.

Pets or meat?

Snakes = NOT pets.

Bunnies = meat - for snakes and pretty much everything else.


Bernie, your open-mindedness is an inspiration to us all . . . . . . . . . .


@ Bernie,

Is that sarcasm?

If it's not, a comparable arguement can be made for dogs and cats from a different cultural or even, historical, perspective. How do you define what makes a "pet"?


I don't that it made me think of snakes or those that love them in a new way, as I already think both are pretty nifty, but it was still a fun, fascinating article.


Very interesting read! I've always liked snakes, but my problem is, I can't own one because I also think mice and rats are adorable so... feeding time would be an issue. But I still like to hold them in the petstore and admire them greatly! They're beautiful!

As to what makes a pet, my own personal take is a creature that will at times return your affection. It can be something as little as when a goldfish comes over and follws your finger, because even if they are just looking for food, they recognise that you are not an enemy. There are many snakes that, though they may not adore their owners, trust and look foward to seeing them, even if it is only for food. Sort of like a teenager. =)

It can also be argued that, if it's an animal, it is domesticated, and it depends on you for care, it is your pet. If it doesn't like you, it might not be a GOOD pet, but it is your pet. So really, yes, snakes are pets. A person may not think they are good pets, but then I guess that person shouldn't own one.

And once again, excellent article! The tree boa picture is gorgeous!

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