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18 July 2008


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As a South Carolinian, I must say I'm offended not by the Deerhound's name, which sounds very fine, but by the Wolfhound's name and your obvious attempt to besmirch the Bible - or at least Mister Mister!

Christie Keith

I have to confess, both your references wooshed right over my head. The bible? Mister Mister? I mean, I know what the bible is, LOL... but how does it relate here?


Dang, it seems less funny when you read the explanation.


Christie -

here's a link that explains the biblical connection:

and here's a link to a page about the Mr. Mister tune from the 80s:

Christie Keith

Ah, I see.

"Rebel Rebel" is a David Bowie song... and "Kyrie" is short for "Valkyrie," so I missed it. :)


That's as ridiculous as the people who called Afghan owners "unpatriotic" after September 11!



Obviously, this was all about what was going on in his mind...not about your or your dogs!


I meant to or your dogs.

These keyboards...I think they're out to get us sometimes!

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