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23 July 2008


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We participated in the Morris Animal Foundation's osteosarcoma study. Sadly - we lost both of our Leonbergers to osteosarcoma in the last year.

It was utterly devastating. I'll likely not buy a giant breed pup until there are better screening tests. We'll stick with the small ones, fosters and adoptees in the meantime.

Nadine L.

The pomp and circumstance of tradition can be so beautiful and moving. Please bring back pictures of the deerhounds being led into the ring by the kilted bagpiper! Video would be even better!

Time for a new puppy for Christie perhaps?

Paula J.

Have fun, Christie. And get some hugs in for me, too!


Alison Woolley

Sounds like you may be getting a step nearer to a puppy there Christie ?

I have Rottweilers, so will look forward to hearing if any progress in the cancer research is happening.

Have fun, I know you will, nothing better than being surrounded by 'the most perfect creatures of heaven' is there :)


The BCA Nationals will be in Redding PA this year. A long haul by car! And there will be Californians making that drive. I am judging bitches in Sweeps this year so I get to fly and the get my hands on a lot of pretty puppies then socialize as well as attending 5 meetings and a few seminars.

But I will still miss having a dog entered. The toy fox Nationals is in OK. They however fit under the seat to fly!

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